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The Archives of Seans Mind...

an extremely dark and complicated place...

11/18/06 12:39 pm

THings are coming all good once again, no more trouble, well...some people like to think they can steal my life from me, but ah, its not happening. The old Sean's coming back. The one that was nicer, smiled more, and was less miserable all the time. Even as the most terrible season of the year is coming upon us, it isnt really scaring me as it normally does. That ol' senoir project just needs a few touch ups to be ready...It may even be finished by wensday. That all depends of typography and the editing as well as the paper I can find. We will see though.

My poor old car has two parts coming for her. A engine block heater. Not a nessassery feature as my engine still has good compression, but it wont hurt. Also a voltage regulator so I wont have to worry about the battery killing itself anymore.

11/13/06 10:05 pm

So tonight I hung out with Joey and Sarah, it was pretty nice, we went to Chili's. Olga's battery died, I think I need a Voltage Regulator. No big cost, it probally is because I dont avoid puddles....I aim for them, I used to anyways. After that I hung out with Alex, kinda. That is, I visited her at work, because I rarely get to see her otherwise. It was nice, it reminds me of one of my favorite times in life :)

9/17/06 01:02 am

A few important quotes to live by that I have thought of this evening...

"Money cant buy back your youth when your old, a freind when you're lonely or a love thats grown cold...the wealthiest person is a pauper at times, compared to the man with the satisfied mind"

"if you live by the sword, you'll die by the sword."

and my own little saying...that I have made up this very second!

"what is the use of constantly striving for perfection, and seperating yourselfs from loved ones, if you cannot even share that joy with somone else? What use is it to amass a fortune, on earth, when you cannot take it into heaven? To be truly happy one must be satisfied with what they have, and wake up everyday, and telling themselves, that 'this is the day that that the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad'. The fortune in this, will take full sway of the entirety of your life."

9/4/06 11:56 pm

Exellent summer, I went to Nicks with Amanda, Hollie, Amanda Tall, and Tim. Nick bought me, and me only a lobster! He knows what makes me happy! What a good soul, and God bless him! It was quite wonderful! His knowledge of Mercedes-Benz grows rapidly, and all the kind things he does surprises me vastly everyday. I dont think I deserve to be treated so well. But indeed I am, and I cannot lie it is wonderful. It is like, he sees me as everything I wish I could be...may Jesus bless him. I never thought anyone could be so patien, or kindhearted.

Before that I went over Amandas, and it was wonderful to see everyone again...

At nicks we played little kid hiding games, and john told us about all the crazy things he blows up.

These simple things, these wonderful simple childlike things can keep me living forever and ever. Even Jesus said it...

God Bless Everyone...may hapiness and joy fill your heart, and close out the bitterness that we let in our lives ever so often...

9/4/06 12:44 am

So I just got back from the South. My aunt lives in a beautiful and affluent gated community, that is incredible and slightly cult like, but ah...I think I would live there perhaps. Anyways, its in North Carolina and was hit with Hurricane Ernesto the worst out of any part of the country. There was alot of flooding. But ah...whatever

On the way to pick my grandmother, mother and I up from the airport, my father was involved in an 8 car pile-up but ah...wow. Anyways currently he is at the hospital with my mother, It was on the way to providence, big surprise...

So, he can talk walk, breathe, and move about but the doctor needs to check before he gets sent home...

Our Family car, the Ford Explorer, has pretty much been totaled I think...I havent seen it...But..this is the rumor

So many accidents....

But my brother picked me and my grandmother up, and we went home. Right now she is sleeping and I am making sure she is okay via baby moniter...This thing is kinda neat. I am in the cellar and I can hear dogs barking from 5 houses away! Righteous!

But I suppose everyone is okay, and that is what important....

8/31/06 12:51 am

Screw Hollister, they are communists. They would only pay me 6.75 an hour. That is communism. They said it would make up in the 20 percent discount. Yeah right, why would I do that when I could work at Levi's and get paid 8.50 an hour, and get a 30 percent discount. Its really a shame how people charge so much and pay so little....Its like the pay of communism and greed of capitalism...

My two favorite presidents are the Roosevelts. They where the smartest. Esp. Teddy. He strangled J.D. Rockefeller and his evil oil monopoly. And Franklin Delerkajjlrahlno Roosevelt rebuilt the economy by helping people, and giving them jobs...Brillant men.

Oh and tomorrow I am leaving on Jet Plane, I dont know when I'll be back again.

8/22/06 11:31 am

Me and Nick went and applied at tons of places yesterday. I even went to Hollister at the mall...

They where extremly nice, and they said that they would tell the manager that someone asked me so I had a better chance of being hiried....

Oh how wonderful that would be :) I have always wanted to live in a place like the Hollister Stores :)


We went mini-golfing with Farrah, Alex, Matt, and a whole group of Farrahs freinds. Yet only Farrah would be almost a half hour late for her own birthday....

The group set-up was a tad funny...

Alex and Matt stayed at the course.

We went to Farrahs house and than a bunch of other people came, who wern't at mini-golf. We had a camp fire and exchanged ghost storys. But real ones...

Not fake ones :)

8/19/06 08:27 am

So, I dont want to go back to school. But its only one more year. I went to Maine with Meighan. It was a barrel of monkey we went in the 58 degree Ocean. It was cold, very cold. She loaned me the money for a skim board. I bought it, and gave her the money back promptly. I tried skimboarding. I did bad the first 20 tries. I began to get it after that, and had loads of fun. We than left Maine for the Cape. On the way down Olga broke 100 mph. It was intense for her. I tried to help another Mercedes Driver on the side of the road. I dont think he liked me helping him though, cause I was just a kid... But he said he appreicated it.

At Meighans we watched Salad Fingers...what the frig...Then we went to the cape with her pop-up camper. It broke :(.

And hour later we where back home. But we slept out on the porch which was realllly neat. And than the next day we went down to Newport. Which was fun. We ate alot. Which was fun. We went on a Rum Runner Boat....which was very great Gatsby....And than we where argueing over Daisy's freinds name, because it was our favorite charector. She though it began with an R or something like that. I though it began with a J...like Jane or Janet. I was very excited until I found out what the name was....

Jordan Baker....



8/6/06 05:53 pm

I havent updated this in a while, so hear we go,

I went to my Aunts house by the seashore for a weekend,

I have had wonderful times hanging out with Nick.

I am closer than ever to finding a new job and quiting CVS, btw the store is getting remodeled

I have whopping cough, and I had to go to Norwood Hospital to get blood drawn and a chest X-ray....the blood being drawn didnt hurt...which...was not at all what I expected, I'm not really that sick anyways.

I sponser a child in the Domincan Republic now via the Christian Childrens Fund.

I have had wonderful times hanging out with Amanda Mieghan Alex and Farrah

I went to the drive-in with Alex, Farrah and Farrahs Boyfreind Pat

Olgas front brake rotor split in THREE because of Franklin road construction, its alright, I love her all the same

We finally have a new lawn tractor, so my burden of that push mower is no more...

I have yet to get that sailboat, but ah whatever, I should hurry though.

So much more....yet I cannot explain it all...


7/21/06 11:12 pm

it speaks for itself


ps. the chrome wheel arch that is missing was never made by mercedes, its an aftermarket part
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